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Welcome to Zeusfyi

Zeusfyi provides advanced cloud technology solutions for all

Through our unified cloud platform of interconnected multi-cloud, multi-region Kubernetes clusters. We record keep all the config and infrastructure relationships in our Postgres database, and orchestrate resource provisioning and app deployment via

 our Zeus service. 


We don't care if you are a single developer working on a hobby project, or a Fortune 500 company. We care about solving your problems though, and empowering you with doing more for much less. 


 We're remaking the cloud into a universal one, and unifying standards so that technology is seamless, even when providers are not. 


We'll keep making the cloud easier to use until the cloud starts to build itself, and we are working on the latter.

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*intended for non-deity consumption

Why Zeusfyi? 

You want highly reliable and flexible infra deployments

 You want to do canary, blue/green, zero
downtime upgrades,
rollbacks, and rollouts

 You want to run actions to a fleet reliably, e.g. upgrade, remove, change scale, etc

You don't have time nor patience to implement GitOps
Universal Cloud
You want the full power and flexibility of the cloud across providers, without having to implement and maintain it yourself 
You don't want vendor lock-in. You want support for every vendor. More choices results in more value.
You want to search & filter by cloud provider, region, technology among others to find the best cost, performance.
We'll help you plan for and find the right servers for your workloads at no cost.
You build things that have relationships to other apps, stakeholders, and systems. We make those relationships clear and manageable.
You want to rebalance cloud infra based on business or operational needs, such as latency or cost.


You maintain different app environments and want build rules for them. e.g. dev, staging, production, CI/CD

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 8.56.48 PM.png
Resource Allocation and Access Control
Schedule valuable resource allocations like GPUs by team, time window or availability

You want to set up access control efficiently for security and compliance, without needing a solution like Teleport.
You can use the UI to delegate to technical support staff for tasks like log reading or app restarts instead of using costly engineers
Assistance From Top Tech Talent
How many platforms can actually say they're experts and prove it, by offering it to the public for free?

We're the only one offering this level of support who's name doesn't start with AWS, GCP...

We help you with your hard technical problems covering Kubernetes, system design, SQL, server, disk, GPU selection.
We'll even help you write PromQL for your alerts.

We have free 1-on-1 guidance that can be scheduled, and a Discord channel for async support. 
If you don't want to setup observability yourself, or don't want to use budget breaking options like DataDog.

Or you want to automate Runbooks through us to stop getting alerts on Friday at midnight while on-call.

Our platform clusters already include Prometheus + ServiceMonitor integration. 

Tech Is Powerful, Once You Can Find The Center of The Labyrinth

Technology is powerful, but gains come at the expense of managing greater complexity. With those not keeping up getting lost behind.

What bottlenecks aren’t going away?

Limited supply of engineers worldwide

High cost of talented engineers,

high turnover in

software engineering

15+10k (recruiting fees)/mo

250k/yr x How Many?


Setup multi-cloud, 

multi region, Kubernetes, keeping it up to date with new releases

Complex cloud computing options and billing

How many engineers does it cost?

Ship new features, maintain existing ones

15k/mo, 200k/yr x How Many?

Build in compliance, ISO, SOC 1,2..

Setup a database, caching, streaming, orchestration

alerting, metrics, track SLAs,

managing on-call schedules

Welcome to the Cloud

              Why not Zeusfyi?

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